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MDT Annual Training is held in April each year. The training, hosted by YCCAC, presents a variety of topics of interest to child protective service, law enforcement, prosecutors and victim service providers. 

Please note that you must also register for the training on National Criminal Justice Training Center's website in order for your registration to be complete. If you do not have an account with their website, you will need to create one in order to register. There is no additional registration fee. The link for this registration is here.

Annual MDT Training

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Each year the York CAC offers annual training for our multidisciplinary tam members. This is an excellent chance to network with team members and learn about the latest trends and important issues in the field of child abuse investigations and victim advocacy.

Our training this year will be presented by National Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College.

This year's training is designed for first responders who are most likely to be the first system members to encounter child sex trafficking victims. Child Sex Trafficking (CST) is a crime that is hidden yet in plain sight. First responders are often the first system members to make contact with a CST victim. A CST victim has been heavily groomed for system contact, is fearful of their trafficker, and often not forthcoming about their exploitive situation. Deconstruct the crime of CST and identify common scenarios in which you may come in contact with a CST victim. Discover victim-centered contact practices you can implement which are specific to CST victims. Recognize how to secure vital evidence which may only be available during your initial contact with the victim. Practice group exercises and develop contact and response plans to common scenarios you may encounter.

Is This Training For You?
This training is not open to the general public. The intended audience for this training include:
-Child Protection Workers
-Law Enforcement
-Police and Fire Dispatchers
-Public Safety Medical Professionals; Public Safety includes EMTs, Emergency Hospital, Emergency Clinic, Fire Service
-School Personnel
-Victim Service Providers