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Forensic Interviews

When allegations of child abuse and neglect are made, it is important to quickly determine the validity of each allegation. Talking with a child is often the first stop for most investigations in to allegations of child abuse and neglect.  The York County Children's Advocacy Center strives to minimize the number of times a child has to give his or her statement regarding allegations of abuse, and we work with the multidisciplinary investigative team to schedule a single interview with a Forensic Interviewer at our Center.   

The CAC conducts child-friendly, non-leading, developmentally appropriate, legally defensible forensic interviews with children between the ages of 3-17 years old who are alleged victims of child abuse or neglect.  The forensic interview is video recorded and monitored by the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT), consisting of law enforcement, Child Protective Services and prosecution staff.  Our forensic interviewers are often called upon to provide court testimony during the prosecution of cases.